Professional Tips for Mosquito Control

Professional Tips for Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are some of the worst pests to have around in your compound because they help to spread the malaria killer disease. The female anopheles is known to carry the plasmodium bacteria. When the mosquito bites an infected person and then comes and bites a healthy person, it injects the bacteria into the bloodstream of the healthy person. For these reasons mosquitoes need to be repelled at all costs and discouraged to thrive where people live.

Here in this article we take you through the various tips that you can follow to professionally control mosquitoes from your compound.

Slash the grass near the house and keep them short

Mowing the grass in the compound and keeping them short helps to effectively control mosquitoes in any given home. Mosquitoes like to hide from the scorching heat of the sun under grass and bushy areas. Where their habitat is left exposed to the harsh sun during the day, most of them die or simply move away from the house. Bushy areas are also a perfect haven for them to breed and what better way to prevent them from breeding by mowing all that tall grass to reduce their numbers?

Eliminate any standing water

Mosquitoes like to breed in water and it is surprising that even very small water available for them will enable them to breed in their huge numbers! For this reason you should take proper care of your compound to ensure that you drain any stagnant water. This will ensure that less mosquitoes actually breed in a space near you area. Just ensure that there is no water left for the menacing and dangerous insects to breed. The insects are not just dangerous but inconveniencing also with their disgusting sound when you need to sleep at night.

Ensure that you treat bodies of water in your compound you can’t drain

Sometimes you got a swimming pool or a pond in your compound and you can’t drain the water because you want to control mosquitoes. All you will have to do in this case is to simply treat the water with a good chemical that will help kill mosquito larvae and prevent their spread and multiplication.

Call in experts from your locality to help deal with the mosquitoes

If you are living in a neighborhood where there is large body of water that you can’t deal with alone consider calling professional pest control experts. These professionals are usually knowledgeable in dealing with large scale mosquito infestations and have the right equipment gear and resources to deal with mosquitoes. Don’t fret at the mention of large scale mosquito prevention experts because certain local authorities usually cover for the costs of calling in professional pest control people.

Use recommended insecticides at your home

Another good way of mosquito prevention and control is to use insecticides that will kill them on contact. This is the best way to deal with insects that have already made their way into the house. Spraying the insecticide in rooms suspected to have mosquitoes before going to bed is great.


Charlotte Pest Control Tips

If you’re having problems with pests in the area of Charlotte NC, then follow the following tips to get rid of them once and for all.

How to get rid of Roaches?

The following pest control tips will help you get rid of roaches in your home.

  1.  Seal all cracks from doors, walls, ceiling.  Roaches get from the outside of your home to your home, they usually in search of a warn place to call their home, they usually like dark places and they usually like your kitchen since they love to live around food sources.
  2. Try to limit the eating places to your kitchen. If you take food to your living room or other rooms in your home, roaches will smell that food source and will live on those rooms as well.
  3. Empty trash can at night.  Emptying  the trash can at night or even sealing it well will get rid of the food source there.
  4. Don’t  leave dirty dishes overnight.  Leaving a pile of dirty dishes at your sink is like giving them an all you can eat buffet for them.

Sometimes doing all of this will help get you get rid of roaches, but the best way is to call a professional exterminator to expedite this roach pest control with our special techniques and special roach treatments all which are kid and pet friendly.

Charlotte Mosquito Control

Mosquito control in Charlotte NC is a common pest problem because of the climate and vegetation, mosquitoes usually like warm climates so in the us the southern states usually have a problem with mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes can be very bad since they can carry deceases, most cities have a mosquito control government office to deal with them since they can be very problematic. If you’re suffering from mosquitoes in  charlotte, one good tip is to get rid of free standing water, if that does’t get rid of the problem then give us a call, we’ll be glad to help you with our charlotte mosquito control plans, these plans were designed to help you get rid of mosquitoes fast and efficiently.

If you want to learn more about mosquito control check this link out. It will give you a lot of good information about mosquito control, repellents and preventing mosquitoes.

Free Termite Inspections

We have free termite inspections in Charlotte NC for homeowners, dealing with termites can be a very stressful situation, since these kind of pests can be very destructive and these kind of damages to your home can be very expensive.

We also have very affordable charlotte pest control plans to help you get rid of all types of pests like Mosquitoes, Rats & Mice, Ants, Roaches, etc.

Don’t delay termite infestations can be a hustle if you don’t try to exterminate them as soon as you see the problem, call us today for a free termite inspection.

Charlotte Pest Control Services

Choosing a charlotte pest control company is very important, we recommend checking if the company has lots of good reviews  and that it has been in business for a long time, this will make sure they can do a good job at exterminating your home pests. North carolina has a specific kind of pests, many other areas deal with their own type of pest problems, in the area of Charlotte North Carolina you will find many homeowners suffer from mosquito problems, rodent problems and termite infestations.